Know more about Doctor Pickle®

“Doctor Pickle®” used his secret pickle recipes in the late 1970’s in the fire house in NY and sold them in a little store called Hutchinson Farms. He put his sweet and spicy chips on everything, scrambled eggs, tuna salad, sandwich, burger, chicken and fish on the BBQ, a cracker with cream cheese. His Macho Gazpacho soup was a meal in itself. You could drink it or serve it over eggs, rice or pasta. As a First Responder that morning of 9/11 things would never be the same. Life changed during the 9/11 tragedy for all and afterwards he was reflecting on his life and determined he was “in a Pickle” and needed a fresh start.
Finding Wagon 343 at the YGFM in Hollywood sparked the re-birth of Doctor Pickle® and Macho Gazpacho. In Florida and NY. Providing the healthiest fresh made products available for people mentally, physically and spiritually.
Recently the WTC registry reported 44 thousand children with PTSD from 911 so we launched A PICKLE WITH A PURPOSE, 5% of all sales goes to the 911 WTC PTSD Foundation to help others through TM and tapping very effective recovery tools. Click on the image to learn more.